3rd Annual Automotive Exhaust Systems Summit

This innovative B2B event will enable the participants to learn about the latest trends and developments in Automotive Exhaust Systems.

The Summit will be focusing on the best practices and latest innovative technologies for Exhaust Systems, sensors and control concepts, and exhaust gas after-treatment.

This event will bring together experts, technical directors, OEM representatives, consultants, and academia to hear and learn about their experiences with Automotive Exhaust Systems and performance; to network; and to enjoy an excellent mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions, and workshops.

It is an honour and privilege to invite you to participate in this Summit. We look forward to welcoming you at the Summit in Berlin this October!

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

  • Insights on the best-practices and latest innovative technologies for Exhaust Systems
  • New challenges relating to selective catalytic reduction
  • Control concepts and systems for exhaust gas after-treatment
  • The exhaust sensors market's effect on automotive industry trends
  • The role of tomorrow's Exhaust Systems, future power trains, and future energy carriers for clean mobility
  • Emissions legislation and the future requirements

Who Should Attend:

Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Department Heads and Experts dealing with:

  • Manufacturing Exhaust Systems
  • Supplier Exhaust Systems
  • OEMs
  • Autocatalysis
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Exhaust Gas Analysis
  • Exhaust Gas Re-circulation
  • Emissions
  • Low-Emission Systems
  • Diesel Engine Process
  • Gasoline & Diesel Engines - Management & Testing
  • Engine Approach For Euro 6
  • RDE And Direct Ammonia
  • Exhaust Gas After-Treatment
  • Diesel Particulate Filters
  • R&D & Technology Innovation
  • New Technology
  • Research Centre
  • Research Leaders - Research Associates
  • Component Supplier
  • Automotive Design/Architecture
  • Material Supplier
  • Consultancies
  • Motor Vehicle Parts
  • Emissions Legislation