5th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit

The 5th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit is your way to excellence! Enhance your abilities with the best professionals in the industry, let them guide you, teach you how to become your best, and how to become a star!

Wanting to become more efficient? Thinking, how do I expand my network? Dreaming of becoming your executive’s business partner? Envisioning becoming a leader in your company and in your industry?

We will help you!

The 5th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit is a brilliant assembly for Assistants from all over the world in a number of different industries. Look at your everyday work through the eyes of like-minded people, learn from high-class mentors, embrace the wisdom of professionals, and see your job from a different perspective. Understand your importance in the company you’re working in!

Through the help of industry titans, learn new ways to impact your role in the executive office while accelerating your career and personal brand. Hear personal stories of success to inspire future aspirations. Receive top-notch training to keep on-top of new technologies. Participate in influential workshops to infuse vitality into your work relationships. Join hundreds of others who have already begun the investment into themselves and to their career.

After four successful Global Executive Assistant Summits in Cannes, October 2014; Paris, May 2015; Lisbon, June 2016; Rome, June 2017, and three regional events in Stockholm and Berlin, December 2016, and Munich, November 2017, we have decided to host the 5th Annual Global event in Nice!

The time has come to widen your horizons, add new skills, and make new friends!

Who Should Attend:

Executive Support Professionals, including:

  • Executive Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Support
  • Faculty Support and Administration
  • Executive Coordinators
  • Executive Officers
  • Business Support
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Administrative Managers