Channel Optimization in Pharma Summit

The Channel Optimization in Pharma Summit scheduled for the 7th and 8th of June 2018 will bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest discoveries, best practices, and newest technologies regarding Channel Optimization in the pharma industry.

Sales and marketing practices in the pharmaceutical industry are being disrupted by digital transformation. To stay competitive, businesses not only have to embrace the technology, but understand also the complexity of the industry and its implications for a successful implementation. This Summit will focus on the fact that digital channels are gradually supporting and even replacing traditional channels. But merely adding channels does not translate into a successful sales and marketing model.

Industry professionals will be seeking answers to some of the field’s biggest challenges including: implementing a successful customer engagement strategy along the patient journey; the concept of a patient focused omni-channel model; optimising sales and marketing budget through data analysis; among other important issues.

It is an honour to host this Summit and it’s a privilege to invite you to partake. We look forward to your participation in June!

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

  • Integrating digital into the supply chain, distribution, and retail strategies
  • Powering digital transformation by implementing a successful customer engagement strategy in the company
  • From thinking to execution - the transformation journey in Channel Optimization
  • Virtual reality - how to provide customers with positive experiences through innovative and novel digital formats
  • How customer insights and analytics can transform business performance
  • Mapping the patient and product journey - identify activities to measure and track with partners that improve patient access and medication adherence
  • Channel Optimization - having an impact on your customer
  • Omni-channel in pharma - how to leverage value proposition and maximise commercial impact
  • Maximise the impact of your sales and marketing budget through Channel Optimization
  • How to precise target in pharma to survive in the competitive healthcare landscape
  • How to apply data analytics to enhance multi-channel marketing
  • The four levels of multi-channel maturity: channel entropy, channel independence, multi-channel integration and multi-channel engagement

Who Should Attend:

Chief Executives, Directors, Vice Presidents, Department Heads, Leaders, Managers, IT, Marketers and Sales Representatives specialising in:

  • Brand/Marketing
  • Sales
  • Legal
  • Business Development
  • Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finance
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Managed Markets
  • Patient Assistance Programs
  • Patient Access
  • Patient Services
  • Market Access
  • Reimbursement
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Philanthropy
  • Commercial Services
  • Government Affairs/Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Services
  • Channel Management
  • Distribution
  • Forecasting
  • Demand Planning
  • Trade Relations
  • Professional Relations
  • Logistics
  • Credit Management
  • Legal
  • Regulatory Affairs & Policies
  • National Accounts
  • Supply Chain
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