Financial Planning and Analysis Summit

This premier B2B event will enable the participants to learn about past experiences, the latest developments and future expectations as they pertain to the current climate of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) in the financial industry.

This Summit will be focusing on contemporary market trends in finance namely: the objectives and problems of Financial Planning; the effective application of FP&A; the correlation between the financial market and forecasting modifications; and, the future development of Financial Planning. The Summit is dedicated to broadening the outlook of participants and provide a platform to share professional views of the topic concerned. Special attention will be given to practical aspects as well as applied issues of FP&A. Therefore, our Summit is specifically useful to those who are highly interested in the establishment of new professional contacts and improving one`s own business status quo. This Summit’s aim is to help FP&A teams build a successful financial policy that is flexible and adjustable to the volatile conditions of the market.

We warmly invite you and welcome you to participate in this Summit. We look forward to seeing you at the Summit in Berlin this October!

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

  • Financial Planning & Analysis team management
  • The market’s effect on the FP&A team’s direction
  • The evolution of the FP&A function
  • Adapting to new market conditions during a rapid growth period
  • The future of financial forecasting and analytics

Who Should Attend:

Chief Executives, Directors, Vice Presidents, Department Heads, Leaders and Managers specialising in:

  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Commercial Analysis and Planning
  • Finance Control and Finance Supervision
  • Financial Consultation
  • Advisory Finance
  • Treasury
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Wealth Management Coordination
  • Analysis Transformation and Analysis Co-op
  • Management Information Systems
  • Inventory Control
  • Finance Consolidation
  • Financial Coordination and Administration
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Business Operations
  • Business Planning
  • Due Diligence