Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Products Summit

Vonlanthen Group of Companies will be presenting a conference that includes a multitude of different subjects within the field of Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Development. We will be discussing how we develop and design dry powder inhalers; integrate development and scale-up combination products; patient use, compliance and human factors associated with DPIs; the challenges of developing a generic inhalant product; and the analytical approaches and specifications for inhaled medicine. Our panel will be addressing these critical issues and much more over the two days, to drive new concepts and new ways of thinking among a consortium of different companies and people in the field of Respiratory and Inhalation Drug/Product Development.

We hope to see you in Berlin this coming September 2017!

Key Practical Learning Points of the Summit:

  • Regulatory updates in the global respiratory market
  • Innovative technologies for inhalation delivery
  • Enhancing the performance of DPI
  • Integrate development and scale-up combination products
  • Device and formulation integration
  • Integrated formulation design approaches for DPI
  • Analytical approaches and specifications
  • Human factors: Design, planning and implementation

Who Should Attend:

Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers and Department Heads specialising in:

  • Respiratory Drug Development
  • Respiratory Medicine Inhalation
  • Scientific Research
  • Generics & Respiratory
  • Inhalation Drug Delivery Inhalation Device Development and Engineering
  • Drug Delivery Innovation Respiratory Pharmacology
  • Medical Devices & Injectors
  • Inhalation Formulation Development
  • Inhalation Product Development
  • Inhalation Process Development Particle Characterisation
  • Medical Marketing
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Device Engineering New Delivery Technologies
  • E-health Inhalation Drug Delivery Technologies
  • Inhaled Dosage Systems Connective Health
  • Respiratory Regulations Respiratory R&D
  • Pulmonary Disease Metered Dose Inhaler Development
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