Vonlanthen Group of Companies finding and nurturing talent is serious business. We take pride in employing people who live life to the fullest; self-motivated individuals who enjoy working in a flat non-hierarchical environment where opportunities for further development are theirs for the taking.

We want people who are hungry for knowledge. People who are curious, adaptable and thrive on change. Above all else we want people that care about delivering a quality product that makes a difference; to each and every client and industry we serve.

Join our fast-growing company and gain new experience!

Current positions:

Conference Producer with English
Billing Administrator
Project Manager with English
  • Across diverse industries and geographies our executive events facilitate knowledge transfer and help our clients develop valuable business networks.
  • We are proud of our dynamic people, great events and amazing clients.
  • Life in our industry is fast paced and competitive. It takes enormous amounts of hard work to deliver exceptional quality events and our teams take pride in consistently rising to that challenge.
  • Our events cut through the noise of today’s digital world. We streamline information into innovative and relevant case studies that drive change. We enable peer-to-peer interaction and deepen relationships. Our goal is simple – we want to help our clients.
  • We are passionate about driving business transformation. The shock waves caused by a single great event can change a person’s career, a business or an industry.